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The Fannie Mae Foundation creates affordable homeownership and housing opportunities through innovative partnerships and initiatives that build healthy, vibrant communities across the United States. The Foundation is dedicated to building stronger communities by enlisting the service of its employees and other supporting organizations and by nurturing and maintaining a broad range of partnerships with government agencies, nonprofits, neighborhood leaders, schools, and faith-based institutions. Through these relationships, the Foundation develops and implements truly comprehensive community revitalization plans and other local efforts to improve affordable housing options for low-income families. A private, nonprofit organization, the Fannie Mae Foundation is the largest foundation in the country devoted to affordable housing and the revitalization of communities. As of January 2002, the Foundation has provided more than thirteen million people with free, step-by-step home-buying information to help them achieve the American dream of homeownership. In 2001, the Foundation launched KnowledgePlex, a web site that brings together diverse opinions to explore solutions to affordable housing and community development issues, and to promote more enriched innovation and credibility in the field. Another tool available from Fannie Mae's main site is DataPlace by Knowledgeplex a free, web-based resource for housing and demographic data about communities, regions, and the nation. The site not only assembles a variety of data sets from multiple sources, but it also provides tools and guides to assist in analyzing, interpreting, and applying the data so users can make informed decisions.
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