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GBHI - Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals Program
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The Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals Program (GBHI), enables communities to expand and strengthen their treatment services for people experiencing homelessness who also have a substance abuse disorders, mental illness, or both. Funded programs and activities include substance abuse treatment, mental health services, wrap-around services, immediate entry into treatment, outreach services, screening and diagnostic services, staff training, case management services, supportive and supervisory services in outpatient and residential settings, and referrals for primary health services, job training, educational services, and relevant housing services. The primary goal of this program is to link treatment services with housing programs and other services (e.g., primary care). Opening Doors: the Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness seeks to integrate primary and behavioral health care services into homeless assistance and housing programs as one of its main objectives. There is strong evidence that providing health care in conjunction with housing can be cost-effective. Permanent, affordable housing that is linked to health, mental health, employment and other supportive services provides consumers with long-term, community-based housing options. This housing approach combines housing assistance and intensive individualized support services to chronically homeless individuals with substance use disorders, mental disorders, or co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. GBHI grants fund programs that help address the complex health needs of the chronically homeless population. Since the inception of the GBHI program in 2001, approximately 43,81938,421 persons have received grant-supported services.

Eligible Applicants - Community-based public or nonprofit entities that provide substance abuse and mental health treatment to homeless individuals. Grants are awarded to organizations that administer residential treatment facilities but they are not awarded to fund housing without a treatment component.

Eligible Beneficiaries - Individuals who are experiencing chronic homelessness and mental health and substance abuse disorders

Funding Mechanism - Grants are awarded competitively for up to five years to community-based public or nonprofit entities.
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