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Working with Trauma Survivors Who Are Homeless: An Edited Transcript of the PATH National Teleconference Call
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We are pleased to have two nationally recognized experts on trauma with us today, who have prepared a presentation specifically for the PATH audience. Before we begin, I would like to introduce Gigi Belanger of the Homeless Services Branch of the Center for Mental Health Services. Ms. Belanger has worked closely with Dr. Michael Hutner, the PATH Project Officer, to support the PATH program within CMHS, as well as to develop more effective ways of delivering training and technical assistance to PATH programs. Gigi also has a special interest in the topic of trauma among the homeless population, and has been invaluable support in our effort to plan this presentation. (PATH)
"Both the research literature and clinical experience suggest that a significant portion of clients who establish a connection with homeless service programs also have a history of traumatic experience." (Tom Lorello, Advocates for Human Potential)

"Because the issue of trauma is so important to all who come into contact with people who have experienced trauma, everyone—including shelter staff, housing staff, income and benefit eligibility staff, health care providers, and substance abuse and mental health providers—needs to have an understanding of how it affects people." (Gigi Belanger, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
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