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This Toolkit documents approaches to influencing and changing systems by linking users to more than 175 informational pieces, tools, sample documents, and relevant websites. These
resources include materials developed by CSH, as well as examples drawn from public, private, and non-profit partners around the country. (Authors).
The Toolkit contains sections on the following topics:

Overview of Systems Change
Systems change is the strategic use of the available methods and tools to affect the greatest possible number of elements.  This section includes materials that provide an overview of CSH's descriptions of systems change activities including the six "building blocks" of systems change, which provide the structure for the other sections of the Toolkit.

The cultivation of highly placed or influential policy leaders to advance the cause in government, the media, and public opinion.

Collaborative Planning
Assembling a planning body to design and move production goals and the systems change agenda, and shift between big visions and fine details.

Financial Leverage
Looking for sources of formerly unavailable money or previously untapped resources.

Provider Infrastructure
Preparing the groups that will be responsible for delivering supportive housing to ensure that the new system will be able to achieve its goals.

Credible Data
Gathering and presenting evidence that supportive housing achieves better results, solves problems more consistently, and costs no more or even less than current practices.

Network of Allies
Forging a coalition that reaches across dimensions of money, commitment to the cause, power, vision, and familiarity with the issue. (Authors).
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