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Runaway and Homeless Youth and the Law: Model State Statutes is a unique publication that provides guidance for policymakers, advocates, attorneys and service providers on how state laws can assist homeless and runaway youth. (Authors)
The laws were developed by experts in the field with input provided during two national conferences. The comprehensive resource provides not only model statutes, but background information and research to provide context for each issue. Additionally, the authors have provided commentary to assist in the implementation of the law. Runaway and Homeless Youth and the Law: Model State Statutes is a necessity for any person or agency interested in improving state laws so that these vulnerable youth can find safety, services and stability.

The book addresses the following legal issues faced by runaway and homeless youth and their service providers:
  • Education
  • Status Offenses
  • Family Law Issues
  • Health (access to health care)
  • LGBTQ youth
  • Immigration
  • Access to custodial systems
  • Discharge from custodial systems
  • Housing
  • Identification (birth certificates, SS cards)
  • Public Benefits
  • Access to legal services
  • Employment
  • Legal issues for runaway and homeless youth service providers
Chicago, IL
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