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ICP's children's books help all children understand what it is like to be homeless. Back-to-school - take advantage of newly reduced prices!
Mango's Quest Cover Mango's Quest: Mango's Quest tells the tale of a young, orange-colored hamster who must leave his safe and warm cage in Room 222. Homeless and looking for a place to sleep, he ventures outside of his classroom to search for a new home and befriends many exciting characters on his journey. Together, they help him find his way back to Room 222 where he discovers a home of his own.
Voyage to Shelter Cove Voyage to Shelter Cove: This book tells the story of how Serena, Herman, Pedro, and Penelope find friends, solace, and sea kelp at Shelter Cove after the destruction of their coral reef. Voyage to Shelter Cove is the fourth in our series of children's books designed to introduce school-age children to issues surrounding family homelessness.
Saily's Journey Saily's Journey: When Saily the Snail loses his shell in a storm, he sets off on a journey to find a new home. Join Saily and his friends as they embark on an adventure they will never forget.
Other children’s books by ICP include Cooper’s Tale and Our Wish.
New York, NY
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