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On August 8, 1997, the Community Shelter Board (CSB) received a request from the City of Columbus to develop a plan to address the needs of persons experiencing a housing crisis who would be impacted by development of the Scioto Peninsula. With support of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, the City of Columbus, and the United Way of Central Ohio, CSB established the Scioto Peninsula Relocation Task Force. The Task Force developed the Rebuilding Lives plan -- a five-year, two-pronged, approach to ending homelessness and literally “rebuilding lives.” In July of 1999, the Community Shelter Board with tremendous collaboration among providers and funders began implementing the Rebuilding Lives plan. Based on this plan, short-term needs of homeless men will be met through an improved safety net of emergency shelter and long-term needs will be met through the development of 800 units of supportive housing.

Permanent supportive housing is permanent rental housing linked to a range of support services designed to enable residents to maintain stable housing and lead fuller lives. Permanent supportive housing is an alternative to more costly institutional settings.

The success of the Rebuilding Lives plan depends upon the success of the Rebuilding Lives Funder Collaborative, a collaboration of key community systems, to raise the funds needed to implement the plan. The breadth and depth of collaboration among systems and funders has been multifaceted. The following highlights activities that have enabled us to move forward and meet both the long and short-term needs of persons who are homeless during the past two years. (CSB)
Columbus, OH
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