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The Handbook of Addiction Treatment for Women: Theory and Practice
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Providing essential theoretical and practical guidelines for clinicians, educators, policymakers, and public health professionals, The Handbook of Addiction Treatment for Women is a comprehensive resource of the most current research and knowledge from recognized experts in the field of addiction and treatment. This much needed guide offers an historical context on the issue of women and addiction, examines the myriad challenges of the female addict, and includes recommendations for choosing a course of treatment that will meet the specific needs of an individual woman addict. (Josey Bass)

Table of Contents:

  1. Women's Addiction and Treatment Through a Historical Lens (Shulamith Lala Ashenberg Straussner and Patricia Rose Attia)
  2. Women and Addiction: Expanding Theoretical Points of View (Stephanie Brown)
  3. Helping Women Recover: Creating Gender Responsive Treatment (Stephanie Covington)
  4. Drug and Alcohol Abusing Women (Lynne O'Connor, Melena Seherick, and Cassandra Vieten)
  5. The Queen of Diamonds: Women and Compulsive Gambling (Diane Davis)
  6. Women and Eating Disorders (Susan Raeburn)
  7. Sexually Addictive Behavior in Women (Judith Rubin)
  8. Women and Relationship Addiction (Carol Tosone)
  9. Women and Spending Addictions (Linda Barbenel)
  10. Women and Smoking (Jeannie Crouse)
  11. Adolescent Girls and Addiction (Rose Fajardo Latino)
  12. Addiction and Recovery in Midlife (Nancy Waite-O'Brien)
  13. Older Women and Addictions (Renee Katz)
  14. Black Women and Addictions (Muriel Gray and Melissa Littlefield)
  15. Latinas in Cultural Transition: Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery (Juana Mora)
  16. Asian and Picific Islander Women and Addiction (Kerrily Kitano and Liane Louie)
  17. Addiction and Women in the Workplace (Jane Nakken)
  18. Effective Intervention and Treatment for Lesbians (Laurie Drabbie and Brenda Underhill)
  19. Addictions and Women with Major Psychiatric Disorders (Diana DiNitto and Catherine Chrisp)
  20. Homeless and Addicted Women (A. Meredith Deming, Karen McGoff-Yost, and Anne Stozier)
  21. Addictions and Women in the Criminal Justice System (Katherine vanWormer)
  22. Women Affected by Addictions (Elizabeth Zelvin)
  23. Group Treatment of Substance-Abusing Women (Eileen Beyer and Karen Camabucci)
  24. Women in Self-Help Programs (Joyce Schmid)
Indianapolis, IN
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