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Increase your awareness, knowledge, and skills to more effectively recognize the influences of cultural group membership. Now, more than ever, counselors and other health professionals must broaden their understanding and appreciation for the role culture plays in the way people think, feel, and act. In the newly revised and expanded edition of Increasing Multicultural Understanding, Don C. Locke provides the tools necessary to foster positive and productive relationships among culturally diverse populations. The book encourages readers to explore their own cultural background and identity, and in the process, begin to better understand others. A best-seller in the first edition, Increasing Multicultural Understanding, Second Edition still presents its classic framework for critical observation with 10 elements, including the history of oppression, religious practices, family structure, degree of acculturation, poverty, language and the arts, racism and prejudice, sociopolitical factors, child-rearing practices, and values and attitudes. Two new chapters focus on Muslims and Jews in America, while chapters on such specific groups as African Americans, Japanese Americans, Native American Indians, Vietnamese in the United States, and the Old Order Amish have been thoughtfully updated. Increasing Multicultural Understanding provides both undergraduates and graduate students in multicultural education or counseling with invaluable skills. It also successfully crosses disciplines to a variety of other fields in which the demand to understand cultural membership is growing, and works well for courses that cover specific information on a number of cultural groups. (Sage Publications)
Thousand Oaks, CA
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