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Indicators of Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery Organizations: An Organizational Cultural Competence Assessment Profile
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The Assessment Profile is an analytic or organizing framework and set of specific indicators to be used as a tool for examining, demonstrating, and documenting cultural competence in organizations involved in the direct delivery of health care and services. The Profile is most pertinent for organizations that are community-oriented. For the purposes of this project, "community" is defined as the population residing in the geographic areas served by or potentially served by a health care delivery organization. While this project was funded by HRSA, the Profile has relevance beyond HRSA-funded programs to other community-oriented health care delivery organizations.

In answering the question "How do we know cultural competence when we see it?," the Profile addresses whether an organization has or exhibits the particular features that should be evident or manifest in a culturally competent organization across the spectrum of critical areas or domains of organizational functioning. Use of the Profile is most appropriate for a health care delivery organization's internal assessment of cultural competence. At a general level, the Profile can help organizations frame and organize their perspectives and activities related to the assessment of cultural competence. More specifically, the Profile can be used in routine performance monitoring, regular quality review and improvement activities, assessment of voluntary compliance with cultural competence standards or guidelines, and periodic evaluative studies. (Authors)
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