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Connecticut Supportive Housing Demonstration Program Evaluation Report Highlights
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The Connecticut Supportive Housing Demonstration Program was initiated in June 1992 by the State of Connecticut and the Corporation for Supportive Housing. Between 1993 and 1998, the program financed the development of 281 units of affordable, service-enriched rental housing for homeless and at-risk populations, many of whom were coping with mental illness, histories of substance addiction, or HIV/AIDS. This demonstration also evaluated the success of the program, to determine whether the supportive housing model that had already been tested on a large scale in New York City and Chicago would work in the mid-sized cities and smaller communities of Connecticut.

A 2002 program evaluation, conducted by an independent evaluation team including researchers from The Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research of the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System, found that supportive housing created positive outcomes for tenants while decreasing their use of acute and expensive health services. In addition, property values in the neighborhoods surrounding the supportive housing have increased or remained steady since the projects were developed. In short, supportive housing is a cost-effective use of Connecticut’s resources to build healthy homes and communities for homeless and at-risk persons and families around the state. (Authors)
New Haven, CT
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