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Toward a Vision of Recovery for Mental Health and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
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This revised and expanded second edition of Toward a Vision of Recovery traces Dr. William Anthony's thoughts on recovery, beginning with a declaration in 1992 that recovery should be the guiding vision of the entire mental health field. (Authors)

He follows with a discussion of the standards for developing recovery-oriented service systems, the need to incorporate helping processes that are fundamental to people's recovery into evidence-based mental health practice, and the need to transform research in the field by exploring the barriers and the facilitators to recovery--or simply, researching what makes people well. Anthony and co-authors, Cheryl Gagne and William White, conclude with an analysis of recovery as the common vision of the fields of mental health and addictions.

An extensive list of resources and publications related to recovery from mental illnesses is included at the end of the book.


  • 30-minute presentation "On the Road to Recovery" by William Anthony, produced by California Alliance for the Mentally Ill.
  • Booklet of readings on recovery by William Anthony: The Decade of Recovery, Recovery from Mental Illness: The Guiding Vision of the Mental Health Service System in the 1990s, and A Revolution in Vision.
  • List of additional resources on recovery.


  • To inform about the need for a recovery vision.
  • To increase understanding of the recovery vision.
  • To stimulate an analysis of the implications of a recovery vision for mental health practitioners and system planners.


  • A resource of information about recovery.
  • Preservice and inservice vehicle for initiating group discussion about the implications of a recovery vision for service providers, researchers, administrators, families, and most importantly, consumers/survivors. (Filmmaker)
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