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National Alliance for Research On Schizophrenia and Depression
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The National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD) funds, educates, and recognizes exemplary brain disorder research. It is the largest nongovernmental organization of its kind, having awarded 2,629 grants totaling more than $175.7 million to 2,067 scientists in 329 leading universities and medical research institutions since its inception in 1987. NARSAD raises funds; publishes a free quarterly research newsletter and informational brochures (in both English and Spanish); sponsors an annual symposium; and awards the Lieber Prize for outstanding research in schizophrenia, the Falcone Prize for outstanding research in affective disorders, the Jay and William Ruane Prize for Children and Adolescent Psychiatric Research, and the Patricia Goldman-Rakic Prize for outstanding research in cognitive neuroscience.
Great Neck, NY
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