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The Future of Affordable Housing in New Mexico
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Mixed-income households, supportive housing, and green sustainable design will be the future direction of affordable housing in New Mexico--that is if Mark Allison, Executive Director of the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico (SHC-NM), has anything to say about it.

Why this approach? According to Mark:

*MIXED INCOME: Better integration of all income levels, as well as integrating formerly homeless individuals into the broader community. And it makes good business sense.
*SUPPORTIVE HOUSING: Gives residents the support they need and integrates these services into permanent affordable housing.
*GREEN SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Not only it is the right thing to do, but it makes operations more efficient and affordable in the long run.

The SHC-NM’s Statewide Development Initiative is building on more than 10 years of extensive Albuquerque-based housing development as it expands into smaller communities throughout the state. During the first year of this new initiative, the Coalition is developing more than 60 units in three communities. It will serve homeless youth, homeless persons with disabilities, homeless persons in recovery from substance abuse, and homeless
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