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The Dimensions, Pathways, and Consequences of Youth Reentry
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In this report, we describe youth reentry and its policy relevance to communities nationwide. Drawing liberally from the insights and comments of the authors and participants in the Youth Reentry Roundtable, we identify critical facts about youth reentry, including the specific programming and policy challenges that must be addressed. We then provide recommendations for next steps in research and practice, and call for the following:
• A reorientation of the juvenile and criminal justice systems to focus on reintegration of young offenders into society,
• Creation of reentry programs that reflect a youth development perspective and that address the unique role of race/ethnicity and gender,
• Inclusion of communities and family networks in reentry initiatives, and
• Development of a national agenda for public education and research.
The report’s appendices provide a listing of the Roundtable authors and participants, a brief description of each paper, and a summary of each of the paper presentations and the ensuing discussions.
If effective youth reentry practices are to become a reality, policymakers, practitioners, and researchers will need clear guidance about how to think about and develop interventions that are appropriate to the needs of youth and the capacities of families and communities. It is our hope that this report serves to highlight the unique importance of youth reentry and what can be done to ensure the successful transition of young people back into their families and communities so that they can become contributing members of society. (Authors)
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Washington, D.C.
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