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Science-Based Prevention Programs and Principles 2002: Effective Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs for Every Community
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Recent events give new value to the mission of SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP): to bring effective prevention to every community. Now more than ever, American communities require and deserve effective prevention programs, practical knowledge, and dissemination assistance. Today, American youth, adults, and families are encountering greatly elevated risks of substance use, stress, and violence. Trauma and posttraumatic stress bring their own problems. Exposure to trauma puts people at four to five times greater risk of substance abuse. Furthermore,stress is the leading cause of relapse to alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, and cigarette smoking. Surveys find that the emotional strain caused by the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States and threats of bioterrorism have led large numbers of Americans to seek treatment for substance abuse problems.

If the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing mirrors the future for New York, Washington, and the rest of the Nation affected by the terrible events of September 11, more problems lie ahead. One year after the Oklahoma City bombing, three times as many residents of that city reported increased drinking compared with residents of comparably sized Indianapolis, Indiana. Understandably, rescue workers in Oklahoma City also experienced significant rates of substance abuse, depression, and suicide months and years after the bombing. (Authors)
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