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Psychiatry, 2nd Edition; Serving Homeless People with Mental Illness
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Described as 'truly outstanding' by The New England Journal of Medicine and 'a gold standard for our field' by the American Journal of Psychiatry, the second edition of this flagship textbook has been extensively revised and updated to reflect progress and understanding in the field. Written by extremely well-known and highly regarded experts, it takes a patient-centered approach, presenting information on normal development and then the behaviour, signs and symptoms of disordered behaviour. Its excellence of authorship, depth and breadth of coverage set it apart as a truly impressive reference that will be indispensable for all those involved in the treatment psychiatric disorders.
Covering new and developing topics and treatments that have emerged since publication of the first edition, PSYCHIATRY, Second Edition incorporates:

more than 20 new chapters including:
-neural development
-mechanism of neural transmitter action
-global perspectives
-pathophysiology of addictions
-hallucinogen abuse
-premenstrual dysphoric disorder
-significant updates on psychiatric disorders and their treatment, including: schizophrenia and bipolar disorders
-extensive revision of the scientific foundations of psychiatry
-references updated to include the literature up until 2002
-the DSM-IV and ICD diagnostic classification systems (Wiley)
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