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Project GRACE:The Gainesville/Alachua County 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness Addressing Health Care in 10-Year Plans to End Homelessness
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The causes of homelessness are complex, yet reoccurring themes that emerge are: poverty, lack of affordable housing and need for services. According to the most recent point-in-time survey conducted by the Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry, the primary causes of homelessness were:unemployment, income that doe snot meet basic needs, alcohol/drug problems, mental health issues, domestic violence, physical/medical problems, released from and institution (jail, prison, hospital) and divorce/separation. Gainesville does not have a housing shortage but a lack of housing that is affordable for the people who live and work in our community. There are aslo need for permanent supportive housing for homeless persons with disabilities. Currently, we have inadequate services capacity for the needs of our homeless neighbors. The system of care is fragmented. Homeless persons have difficulty accessing mainstream resources. Poor discharge planning from public systems (hospitals, jails, etc.) results in additional homelessness. Existing ordinances, polices and programs limit law enforcement options in terms of arresting homeless person. There is a fundamental need for enhanced public awareness regrading the plight of the homeless. (Authors)
Gainesville, FL
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