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PATH Administrative Workgroup Report (2010)
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A yearly report from the PATH Administrative Workgroup for 2010, including next steps.
PATH Administrative Workgroup Report

Overview: The PATH Administrative Workgroup (AWG) is a national workgroup of State PATH Contacts who provide administrative guidance for the PATH program regarding definitions, procedures, and policy. AWG online meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Over the FY 2009-2010 year, there were 12 members representing the following states: Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Texas, and Washington. Members include a liaison from the PATH Consumer Provider Network and several members from the PATH Data Advisory Committee.

Leadership: Michigan State PATH Contact, Monica Bellamy and Washington State PATH Contact, Hank Balderrama co-chair the AWG. PATH program Director, Mattie Curry Cheek, advises the group. PATH Technical Assistance Center Project Director, Laura Gillis, Deputy Director, Rachael Kenney, and Analyst, Neil Greene, staff the AWG meetings.

Activities: During FY 2009-2010, the AWG was charged with two main tasks. First, the group disseminated national definitions for PATH eligibility and enrollment. This was accomplished through a series of webcasts for State PATH Contacts and PATH providers. Secondly, the group began identifying criteria that characterizes an effective PATH program. The group generated preliminary criteria and solicited feedback from State PATH Contacts across the country. Members of the AWG presented the group’s work at the PATH Grantee Meeting in December 2010. Additionally, the AWG:
  •  Welcomed a new liaison from the PATH Consumer Provider Network;
  •  Provided guidance on HMIS implementation plans;
  •  Reviewed national definitions compiled from multiple PATH documents includingthe PATH Annual Report, the Request for Applications (RFA), and previous AWG generated documents; and
  •  Provided guidance on workshop development and planning for the 2010 PATH Grantee Meeting.
Next Steps: The AWG will continue working on effective PATH program criteria. The group will also continue the following activities:
  •  Develop effective PATH program criteria;
  •  Provide feedback for the implementation of HMIS; and
  •  Ensure PATH definitions are defined appropriately and applied consistently.
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