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National Research and Training Center On Psychiatric Disability (NRTC)
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The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) National Research and Training Center (NRTC) on Psychiatric Disability conducts basic and evaluation research, delivers training and technical assistance, and engages in policy development regarding self-determination for people with psychiatric disabilities. The NRTC's current projects comprise five core areas: increasing consumer choice in treatment and services through advance directives, peer-to-peer services, and other mechanisms; enhancing economic self-sufficiency through real jobs for real wages; promoting consumer participation in mental health financing strategies; strengthening consumer self determination skills through self-advocacy; and advancing promising practices in self-determination services to the level of evidence-based practices. This involves exploring the effects of self-determination initiatives such cash and counseling, fiscal intermediaries, brokered service models, Medicaid Home and Community Based waivers, Medicaid buy-in and rehab options, and TANF return-to-work programs on people with psychiatric disabilities. Papers are available from a recent (Fall, 2003) invitational conference on self-determination and psychiatric disability. Numerous research publications, self-help tools, reports, curricula, and web-based training are available at replacement cost by contacting the Center or visiting its website.
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