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Getting Started: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Culturally Competent Service Delivery Systems in Primary Health Care Settings
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This checklist was developed by the National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC). It is designed to assist programs and organizations which are concerned with the delivery of primary and community-based health care, to begin strategic development of policies, structures, procedures and practices that support cultural and linguistic competence. It is also designed to support the campaign launched by the Bureau of Primary Health Care, "Zero Disparities and One Hundred Percent Access".

Nationally, health care programs and organizations are struggling with the challenges and opportunities to respond effectively to the needs of individuals and families from racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse groups. There is no one method for getting started on the journey towards cultural competence. Individuals and programs/organizations may embark on this journey at different points of departure with different estimated times of arrival for achieving specific goals and outcomes. Health and human service organizations and their personnel are at various levels of awareness and stages along the cultural competence continuum. Few have evolved to a degree of proficiency in which they systematically incorporate culturally competent principles and practices into the policy making, administrative, practice/service delivery and consumer levels. This checklist provides guidance for getting started. (Author)
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