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From Locked Up to Locked Out: Creating and Implementing Post-Release Housing for Ex-Prisoners
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This is a book about the tragedy of homelessness among exiting prisoners. It is written for anyone who believes in building and filling more homes for ex-prisoners instead of more jails to which they can return when homelessness, among other problems, sends them on a U-turn back to lock-up. It is a starting point for planning post-release housing and related services to support the transition out of prison. It is also written to improve housing programs where ex-prisoners now live but, perhaps, do not fit in or succeed.

This book also intends to dispel fear. Housing providers with minimal experience in the field of criminal justice often have anxiety about serving ex-prisoners. In response, the book explains who today’s prisoners really are and the degree to which many belong more to the mainstream of society, even if to its most unfortunate tributary, than to a subgroup of sociopaths. Also explained are the dynamics of prison life, the experience of coming back to society, and how helpers who have not been behind bars themselves can learn to relate to those who have.

Throughout, the book presents examples of post-release housing and related services. It shares the opinions of those who succeeded at melding the worlds of housing and criminal justice together. It offers advice, from the concrete to the philosophical, about how to create and implement such programs. For readers
looking for more information on particular topics, references for other reports, books, websites, and videos are listed for this purpose. (Author)
Seattle, WA
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