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Consumer Advisory Board Manual for Health Care for the Homeless Projects
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At the 2003 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference, it was decided that the National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB) would develop a manual that could be used as a guide for local groups who are beginning to form CABs. This document is the result of that work.

The manual is meant to be used as a guide only; nothing is written in cement. It is our hope that the manual will assist consumers in working with senior management and Boards of Directors of Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) projects.

We, the NCAB Executive Committee, have used the experiences we have had in developing our own local CABs. We will cover such things as recruitment, meeting management, by-laws/guidelines, and how to make recommendations for changes within the local Health Care for the Homeless Program. We hope that this manual will be helpful to you. It is also our wish for you to make recommendations to NCAB on things that should be included in another edition. At the end of the manual you will find names and addresses so that you can contact us.One of the things that we want to stress is that there is not one way of doing things. What works for one CAB may not work for other CABs. There are many different ways that local CABs are structured. Many of the recommendations that we make can be altered to fit your locality. Please feel free to use this manual in any way that you feel will be helpful to you. (Authors)
Nashville, TN
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