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Connecticut Counts 2007: Point In Time Homeless Count Final Report
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On January 30, 2007 communities across Connecticut conducted a statewide count of
homeless individuals and families living in emergency shelters, in transitional housing
programs, in the woods, on the streets, and in cars or other unsheltered locations. CT
Counts 2007 was the first coordinated, statewide enumeration of homeless people in
the State of Connecticut using consistent data collection methods. This historic effort
brought together non-profits, local and state government agencies, and hundreds of
concerned citizens from every region of the state to gather critical data that will be used to inform efforts to end homelessness in Connecticut and by communities across the state in their applications for federal homeless assistance funding.

In 2001 the Reaching Home Campaign estimated that approximately 33,000 individuals, including 13,000 children, experience homelessness in Connecticut every year. CT Counts 2007 provides information about the number and needs of people who are homeless at a specific point in time. The data collected will help service providers and policy makers to better understand the dimensions of homelessness and help to establish, over time, a means to measure the effectiveness of initiatives to end homelessness. (CUCS)
New York, NY
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