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The Calm Child
Kuehn, Bridget M. ;  (2015). 

Tags:Feature; Children; stress; Trauma; seo;

Responding to growing evidence that toxic stress during childhood harms an individual’s long-term health and well-being, the American Academy of Pediatrics is reaching out to pediatricians, policymakers, and others who w...
Pressures of Poverty
Kuehn, Bridget M. ;  (2015). 

Tags:Feature; Boston; policy; Families;

Wage stagnation and income inequality across the United States have placed many families in financial peril and increased the numbers of families experiencing homelessness. Author Bridget M. Kuehn spoke with Donna Haig F...
On the Go
Kuehn, Bridget M. ;  (2015). 

Tags:Feature; Children; Oklahoma; Mental Illness;

Augusta Cox, M.B.A., the outreach coordinator at the Oklahoma office of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, fought hard for her recovery from schizophrenia. In this story, Cox shares what she has learned in recovery...
Expanding Chances
Zobel, Sarah ;  (2015). 

Tags:Feature; New York; students; Education;

With a school day that lasts 10 hours, includes three meals, and offers extensive learning and enrichment activities to students at all socioeconomic levels, the ExpandED Schools program is helping change the face of edu...

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