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Helping Hand
Goldstein, Madison;  (2016). 

Tags:Feature; Medication Assistance; Drug Use; Opioids; freecharge coupon;

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can improve health outcomes for patients with opioid or alcohol use disorders. Two SAMHSA guidebooks on MAT can help reach those outcomes, but only if medical providers use them.
Broken Barriers
Kuehn, Bridget;  (2016). 

Tags:Feature; seattle; Overdose; Opioids;

At Seattle’s DESC, a new overdose response plan is helping staff provide lifesaving care in the event of an opioid overdose. DESC’s executive director discussed the plan and the legislative efforts needed to make it pos...
The Rise and Fall
Kuehn, Bridget;  (2016). 

Tags:Feature; Boston; Court; legal;

Boston’s Homeless Court helps people get past legal problems and into housing. Elizabeth Condron of Pine Street Inn and Judge Kathleen Coffey of Boston Municipal Court talk about why the program has worked and how it is...
Redefining History
Kuehn, Bridget;  (2016). 

Tags:Feature; los angeles; Housing; Peers;

For Los Angeles’ Skid Row Housing Trust, a key to keeping its participants successfully housed is support from peer advocates. The manager of the peer advocate program explained how they use their experience to guide ne...

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