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Training to Heal
Prioleau, Brian;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; Dispute Resolution; Homeless Education Liaisons; School Enrollment;

The National Center for Homeless Education helps ensure and promote the education of children experiencing homelessness. Author Brian Prioleau learned about four key resources they have on their website to help parents n...
Prioleau, Brian;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; California; volunteerism ; networking;

Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco knows that volunteers are their secret weapon and they keep them close, employing practical altruism to help reach their goals. Brian Prioleau discovered how the unique program a...
School of Luck
Volk, Katherine;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; workforce development; service; Evidence Based Practice;

Homeless and Housing Resource Network contributing writer Katherine Volk taps into professional experience working in the homeless services field to offer essential recommendations for developing a skilled workforce.
The Education Diaries
Prioleau, Brian;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; massachusetts; Education; Children; Homelessness;

School on Wheels of Massachusetts provides educational support for children experiencing homelessness—and their support moves with the child. Author Brian Prioleau illustrates how School on Wheels works uniquely with you...

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