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Reading Counts: Why English and maths skills matter in tackling homelessness
Hughes, David;  (2014). 

Tags:Reading; writing; Arithmetic; Education;

The three R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic, have long been at the heart of our basic education. Whether to read about medication, find out which bus to catch or work out a weekly shopping budget, English and maths sk...
Vulnerable to Hate: A Survey of Hate Crimes and Violence Committed against the Homeless in 2013
National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH);  (2014). 

Tags:hate crimes; Violence; Vulnerable to Hate;

Vulnerable to Hate: A Survey of Hate Crimes and Violence Committed against Homeless People in 2013 is a new report that documents the incidents of violent attacks on people experiencing homelessness by housed perpetrator...
Winnipeg Final Report: At Home/Chez Soi project
Distasio, Jino; Sareen, Jitender; Isaak, Corinne;  (2014). 

Tags:At Home/Chez Soi; Housing First; Mental Illness; urban;

This report documents the final results of the At Home/Chez Soi Winnipeg site’s research demonstration project, which examined Housing First as a means of ending homelessness for people who are First Nations, Inuit and M...
Voices of Homeless Alcoholics Who Frequent Bellevue Hospital: A Qualitative Study
McCormack, Ryan P.; Hoffman, Lily F.; Norman, Michael; Goldfrank, Lewis R.; Norman, Elizabeth M.;  (2014). Annals of Emergency Medicine. 1-15.

Tags:Alcoholism; Chronically Homeless; Alcohol Dependence;

We describe the evolution, environment, and psychosocial context of alcoholism from the perspective of chronically homeless, alcohol-dependent, frequent emergency department (ED) attendees. We use their words to explore ...

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