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Scaling System Change
Prioleau, Brian;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; Community; Veterans; Chronic Homelessness;

Arizona Coalition for the Homeless was part of the 100,000 Homes campaign initiated by Community Solutions. But they have taken it further, using that method to end chronic homelessness among military veterans. Author Br...
True Integration
Prioleau, Brian;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; Community; Point of Entry; Homeless;

Author Brian Prioleau explores the work being done by Community Action Agencies, nonprofit private and public organizations that address the causes, and not the symptoms, of poverty and seek to improve the efficiency of ...
Moving the Field

Tags:Feature; Homelessness; system; Domestic Violence;

The National Center on Family Homelessness has put together a toolkit to provide a framework for domestic violence and homeless service organizations to collaborate in useful and supportive ways. Brian Prioleau interview...
Promoting Community
Prioleau, Brian ;  (2014). 

Tags:Feature; Community; Oklahoma ; Mental Health ;

The Mental Health Association Oklahoma has three goals with respect to housing: to provide access to housing to families and individuals with disabilities experiencing homelessness; to prevent additional homelessness amo...

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