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A National Evaluation of Title IV-E Foster Care Independent Living Programs for Youth, Phase 2 Final Report
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A National Evaluation of Title IV-E Foster Care Independent Living Programs for Youth was conducted to evaluate the influence of the Independent Living Initiatives, Public Law 99-272, on States' development of programs, policies, and services; and the impact of services on outcomes for older youth discharged from foster care. The first phase of this evaluation was completed in August 1990. This report addresses the findings of Phase II conducted between August 1990 and September 1991. The sample design for this study employed a multi-stage, stratified design with probability sampling at each of three stages of selection: State, county clusters, and youth 16 and older who were discharged from foster care. Using regression modeling techniques, the impact of receiving independent living skills training on these youths' outcomes was assessed. The ability to achieve self-sufficiency was measured in the near term and the long term. The study found: (1) services authorized by the Independent Living Initiatives have the potential to improve outcomes for youth; (2) skills training in particular skill areas led to better individual outcomes and no one skill area had a consistent effect across all outcomes assessed; and (3) more comprehensive effects were achieved with a combination of skills delivered within a prescribed set of five skill areas: money management, consumer skills, skill in obtaining credit, skill in the use of educational opportunities, and skill in finding and maintaining employment. Volume 1 of the report presents the findings. Volume 2 details the study methodology, sampling, weighing, and estimation procedures, and also contains the study questionnaire. A large proportion of both volumes consists of detailed statistical tables and charts. (ABL)
Washington, DC
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