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The goal of the SPRC is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Hamilton through strengthening the community's understanding of social problems, developing strategies and the community's capacity for addressing these problems and assisting community groups to implement these strategies.

The Council does this in four ways:

  • Research
  • Community development
  • Community planning
  • Developing services

In our research, we identify social trends and issues emerging in our community. The SPRC is a source of research for our community, providing data and analysis of conditions to a wide range of groups and organizations. A good example is the Community Trends in Hamilton-Wentworth Information Sheets which we publish. (see Reports page).

Our community development work includes assisting local groups and organizations to develop plans to address community problems and concerns. Examples include supporting the development of programs for children at risk through the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) services of Hamilton, as well as helping the formation of organizations such as Volunteer Hamilton and the Settlement Integration Services Organization (SISO).

Our community planning includes providing advice to organizations such as the United Way of Burlington, Greater Hamilton, the City of Hamilton and local communities on the types of services and strategies required in the community to meet local needs. The SPRC was, for example, instrumental in the development of the Community Action Plan for Homelessness in Hamilton.

Developing and delivering services is one of our more limited roles, but has been an important role in strengthening the capacity of Hamilton in responding to issues such as child poverty. We have for example, led in the development of Partners for Nutrition Breakfast Programs for children and the Housing Emergency Loan Program in order to pilot test the value of such programs.

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