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Housing / Shelter / Supportive Housing
Starting in 2007, the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) awarded Services in Supportive Housing (SSH) funds to fourteen grantees nationwide to provide intensive services to prevent or reduce chronic homelessness. In 2009, the SSH program received an additional $16 million to fund forty-three additional grantees. The exponential reach of this expansion promises to enhance the lives of many more individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness. As the program moves forward, it will continue to build on the experience gained since 2007.

The SSH Annual Report found below describes the SSH program and its activities through the end of September 2009. Program outcomes to date indicate that SAMHSA’s requirement that SSH grantees use evidence-based practices in the delivery of services is an effective strategy that merits incorporation into future initiatives. SSH program outcomes to date also indicate that providing services to people in permanent housing is an effective strategy to prevent and reduce chronic homelessness.

Read the SSH Annual Report.

Selected Supportive Housing Resources
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+ 5 A Housing Toolkit: Information To Help the Public Mental Health Community Meet the Housing Needs of People With Mental Illness
A Look at Supportive Housing for Mental Health Consumers in Four Oregon Counties
+ 1 An Integrated Approach To Housing and Services in Philadelphia
+ 2 Being Culturally Competent: Q&A with the Welcome Home Project Clinical Case Management Team
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Corporation for Supportive Housing, Supportive Housing Financing Guide
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Family Matters: A Guide to Developing Family Supportive Housing
Forming an Effective Supportive Housing Consortium
+ 1 Issues in the First Year
+ 1 Landlords as Partners for Promoting Success in Supported Housing: "It Takes More Than a Lease and a Key"
Longitudinal Assessment of Family Support Among Homeless Mentally Ill Participants in a Supported Housing Program
Pathways To Housing: Supported Housing for Street-dwelling Homeless Inviduals With Psychiatric Disabilities
Providing Services in Supportive Housing
Reunifying families, cutting costs : housing-child welfare partnerships for permanent supportive housing. Housing and homelessness
SAMHSA’s Services in Supportive Housing Initiative Kicks Off!
Services in Supportive Housing: The Impact of Intensive Case Management
Supportive Housing & Homeless Programs (SHHP)
+ 1 Supportive Housing as a Cost-Effective Way to Reduce Homeless Shelter Capacity
+ 1 Supportive Housing Program (SHP) Desk Guide
Sustaining Grassroots Community-Based Programs: A Toolkit for Community- and Faith-Based Service Providers
The Impact of Supportive Housing on Neighborhood Crime Rates
Toolkit for Connecting Supportive Housing Tenants to Employment
+ 1 Voices of Hope: Homeless Moms Speak Out

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