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Street Health

Street Health works to improve the health and well being of homeless and underhoused individuals in southeast Toronto by addressing the social determinants of health through programs, services, education and advocacy.

Street Health is a non-profit community-based agency providing physical and mental health programs to homeless and underhoused individuals in the southeast core of Toronto. Our work is focussed on the neighbourhood around Dundas and Sherbourne Streets, which has the largest concentration of homeless shelters and drop-in centres in Canada. The area is also distinguished by a large number of rooming houses and other forms of low income housing.

We provide our services on the street, in alleys, along the lakeshore, in parks and ravines, and in homeless shelters and drop-ins. The people we work with have lives characterized by extreme poverty, chronic unemployment, insecurity in housing, poor nutrition, high stress and loneliness; they also have more frequent and serious illnesses, and die younger on average than the general population. Our services include outreach nursing, mental health support and case management, HIV/AIDS prevention, a secure mail service, identification replacement, clothing and sleeping bag distribution, and support for those with Hepatitis C and prevention strategies for those at risk for the disease. We adhere to a harm reduction model in our programs.

Street Health works closely with others within and outside the social service sector who want to learn about health and homelessness from our experienced staff. Presentations and training sessions are regularly given to the general public, as well as to workers in the health, social service and government sectors.

Finally, our belief that the services we provide should, ideally, not be required finds expression in our advocacy work, both as advocates for individual clients and in more general advocacy for enduring social and political solutions.

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