Calgary Homelessness Research Network
2/8/2016 8:31 PM

The Calgary Homelessness Research Network brings together expert academic investigators, public sector policy makers, leaders from community-based organizations and students. Members span a diverse range of disciplines, including psychology, medicine, anthropology, epidemiology, sociology, health services research, public health, economic, public policy, social work and health economics. 

Research & Topical Interests 
3 Year Priority Research Directions: 
    1.  Ecology of Homelessness, or population enumeration, flow & composition; 
    2.  Tailoring Interventions, or implementing best results through the evaluation loop; and   
    3. System Co-ordination & Capacity, or system barriers & facilitators. 

Current Research Projects: 
    1. Vulnerability Index to Assess Health and Rehousing Needs in Calgary's rough Sleeper Population; 
    2. Understanding Risk and Assets in the Relatively Homeless and At-Risk for Homelessness Populations; 
    3. Establishing Baseline Statistics to Monitor Flow, Demographics, Outcomes through Information Management; 
    4. Implementing Standards of Practice for Re-Housing: Case Management & Outreach; 
    5. Federal, Provincial and Municipal Regulatory and Tax Measures to Increase Market & Non-Market Rental Stock in Canada
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