City of Toronto
2/10/2016 3:46 AM

Welcome to the Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Reviews. 
This is your portal for learning about, getting involved and 
sharing your thoughts on planning in Toronto. We all want Toronto 
to continue to be a great place to live, work, invest and play.
Watch the video to learn more.

The Official Plan sets out the vision for where and how Toronto will 
grow to the year 2031. That's a fairly long time, so it is important to do
regular "check-ups" to ensure that the Official Plan is working to fulfill 
its vision. This review is one of those checkups. We are also undertaking 
a Municipal Comprehensive Review that looks specifically at designated 
areas of employment in the Official Plan. Both Reviews are important, 
so connect with us and share your ideas on how we can plan for 
Toronto's future.

We invite you to get involved and be engaged. Together we can
make Toronto better.

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