2/7/2016 5:32 AM

Homelessness is traumatic. People experiencing homelessness are living with a multitude of losses. People who are homeless have lost the protection of home and community, and are marginalized, isolated, and stigmatized within the larger society. Additionally, people who are experiencing homelessness are highly vulnerable to violence and victimization. The resources and subtopics in this section provide more information about the linkages between trauma and homelessness.

See also the Trauma-Informed Care topic page to learn more about best practices for serving people who have experienced trauma.

Selected Trauma Resources
+ 5 A Long Journey Home: A Guide for Creating Trauma-Informed Services for Mothers and Children Experiencing Homelessness
+ 3 Avoiding Retraumatization and Fostering Recovery Among People Experiencing Homelessness
+ 1 Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents
+ 1 Dealing with the Effects of Trauma: A Self-Help Guide
Dealing with Trauma in the Asian American/Pacific Islander Community
+ 1 Developing Community Capacity to Respond to Trauma An Interview with Lela Keys
Exploring Trauma Among Homeless Men in Treatment for Substance Abuse: A Qualitative Approach
+ 1 Homelessness as Psychological Trauma: Broadening Perspectives
+ 1 In Their Own Words: Trauma and Substance Abuse in the Lives of Formerly Homeless Women with Serious Mental Illness
+ 1 Leading the Way: Pioneering a Future Without Violence: An Interview with Laurie Ahern
+ 1 Men's Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (M-TREM): A Clinician's Guide to Working With Male Trauma Survivors in Groups
+ 1 National Center for Trauma-Informed Care
New Directions for Mental Health Services, Using Trauma Theory to Design Service Systems
Organizational Prevention of Vicarious Trauma
Organizational Stress as a Barrier to Trauma-Sensitive Change and Systems Transformation
+ 1 Physical and Emotional Awareness for Children Who Are Homeless (PEACH) – Helping Children Cope With the Stress of Homelessness
Psychological First Aid for Families Experiencing Homelessness: Fostering Resilience Among Displaced, Traumatized Families
+ 2 The Trauma Center
The Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM): Conceptual and Practical Issues in a Group Intervention for Women
Traumatic Childhood Takes 20 Years Off Life Expectancy