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HRC Featured Articles
Every month, HRC publishes a fresh batch of original feature articles. HRC features tell the human stories behind the issues and programs. We interview service providers, consumers, researchers, and policy-makers to learn about their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned.

HRC articles profile best practices, innovative programs, and interviews with leaders in the field. All stories are linked with recommended resources handpicked from the HRC digital library.

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Selected HRC Feature Articles Resources
+ 3 Using Health Reform to Prevent and End Homelessness: An Interview with Richard Frank
+ 1 Peer-Run Supportive Housing for Families
+ 1 Report from Barcelona: Fostering Social Inclusion to End Homelessness
+ 1 Wilson Commencement Park: Housing and Support for Families
Reaching Out: Connecting with Resident Service Coordinators and Landlords
+ 1 Family Homelessness: Summertime Struggles
A Voice for LGBTQI2-S Youth at The Night Ministry
+ 1 Q&A with Katy Hanlon: Photovoice and Recovery
+ 1 A Journey Toward Healing: Marty Fleetwood on Teaching Yoga
+ 1 A Wellness Program to Help Women in Recovery
+ 2 The Impact of SAMHSA’s COSIG Funding: Systems Integration in Maine
+ 6 Co-Occurring Disorders 101: A Common Language for Better Care
+ 4 Individual Placements in Supported Employment: Promising Results
+ 3 Reaching Out and Caring for Our Elders: The Hearth Model
+ 4 Walking Side by Side on the Path Towards Supported Employment
+ 1 Integrating Services, Improving Lives: Evidence Based Practices for Co-Occurring Disorders
+ 2 A Gift In My Lap
+ 3 What Sustains Me: Reflections of a Leader in Co-Occurring Disorders and Treatments
+ 1 Walking through the River: Restorative Self-Care for Human Services Workers
+ 3 Without a Net: Middle Class and Homeless (with Kids) in America
+ 3 Stillness and Self-Care: You Don’t Have to Humor the Clouds
+ 1 The Power of Peers: Creating Social Networks for Young Families in Rural Areas
+ 1 Simulation Training: Teaching Medicine with a Dose of Empathy
A Voice for Traumatic Brain Injury
+ 1 From Loss to Recovery Through Mindfulness
+ 1 In Their Own Words: Teens Living in Family Shelters
+ 1 The Art of Recovery
+ 2 Ask the Expert: Figuring Out Social Security Benefits After a Traumatic Brain Injury
+ 1 Martha Fleetwood on Sustaining Our Communities and Ourselves
+ 1 Mary and Kate: The Importance of Relationships For Housing Retention
+ 3 Preventing Homelessness for Veterans and their Families: HPRP Funding in Nashville, Tennessee
Training for Peer Specialists: Housing Options Made Easy’s Approach
+ 3 Punk Rock, Poverty, and Policy: Mobilizing Research on Homelessness
+ 3 Breaking Ground for Recovery-Oriented Care: Central City Concern
+ 2 What Does It Mean to be a Trauma-Informed Clinician?

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