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Homeless Populations / Children
Children across America lay their heads at shelters, in cars, or in crowded shared housing every night. Their needs are unique from other people experiencing homelessness, and they require special care. This topic page includes information on the situation of children experiencing homelessness and interventions to address their needs.

Selected Children Resources
A Comparative Study of Homeless, Previously Homeless, and Never Homeless School-aged Children's Health
+ 2 America’s Youngest Homeless Citizens: State of the States
+ 2 Back to School: McKinney-Vento Liaisons Help Children Who Are Homeless
+ 1 Becoming Their Baby’s Best Teacher: Therapeutic Interventions For Parents and Children
+ 5 Changing Minds, One Eighth Grader at a Time
+ 4 Close to Home: Teaching Kids About Homelessness Through the Arts
Early Childhood Home Visiting Program
Educating Homeless Children
Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program: Title VII-B of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
Education of Homeless Children & Youth The Guide to Their Rights
+ 2 Facts on Trauma and Homeless Children
Homeless Children: America’s New Outcasts 2010
Homeless Children: Needs and Services
+ 1 Physical and Emotional Awareness for Children Who Are Homeless (PEACH) – Helping Children Cope With the Stress of Homelessness
Protecting the Mental Health of Homeless Children and Youth
Referral Guide for Homeless Children, Youth, and Families
Report To the President and Congress On the Implementation of the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program Under the Mckinney-vento Homeless Assistance Act
Serving Young Children With Disabilities Who Are Homeless: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and McKinney-Vento Hand in Hand
+ 1 Strengthening At Risk and Homeless Young Mothers and Children - Evaluation Report: Year One (2007-2008)
+ 1 Telling a New Story: Helping Children to Heal from Homelessness
The Most Frequently Asked Questions on the Education Rights of Children and Youth in Homeless Situations
What About America's Homeless Children?
+ 1 What About the Needs of Children Who are Homeless?

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