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New Perspectives on Community-Level Determinants of Homelessness
Byrne, Thomas; Munley, Ellen A.; Fargo, Jamison D.; Montgomery, Ann Elizabeth; Culhane, Dennis P.;  (2013). Journal of Urban Affairs. 5: 607–625.

Tags:urban development; diverse populations; communities;

The present study addresses this and other limitations by using newly available and more reliable estimates from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to model variation in the rate of homelessness across ...
Medicaid Expansion: Chronically Homeless Adults Will Need Targeted Enrollment And Access To A Broad Range Of Services
Tsai, Jack; Rosenheck, Robert A.; Culhane, Dennis P.; Artiga, Samantha;  (2013). Health Affairs. 32: 1552-1559.

Tags:medicaid; health reform; Insurance Coverage; Access to Care;

This study analyzed the health coverage, health status, and health services use of 725 chronically homeless adults with disabilities in eleven cities in the United States (Authors).
Risk Detection and Self-Protection Among Homeless Youth
Bender, Kimberly; Thompson, Sanna; Ferguson, Kristin; Yoder, Jamie; DePrince, Anne;  (2014). Journal of Research on Adolescence. 

Tags:Youth; Homeless Youth; Risk;

Utilizing qualitative interviews with a large sample of 145 homeless youth seeking services at homeless youth service agencies from across three U.S. cities (Los Angeles, Denver, and Austin), this study sought to explore...
Homeless Aging Veterans in Transition: A Life-Span Perspective
Thompson, Carla J.; Bridier, Nancy L.;  (2013). Journal of Aging Research. 1-10.

Tags:Aging; homeless veterans; Veterans;

This mixed methods study emphasized a life-span perspective approach for exploring factors influencing normative aging and life-quality of 39 homeless veterans in Alabama and Florida (Authors).

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