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Intimate partner violence among women with mental health-related activity limitations: a Canadian population based study
Du Mont, Janice; Forte, Tonia;  (2014). BMC Public Health. 51: 1-9.

Tags:intimate partner violence ; Mental Health; Activity limitations; prevalence;

There is strong evidence that women with serious or chronic mental illness experience higher rates of violence than women in the general population. Our objective was to examine the risk of intimate partner violence (IPV...
Out on the street: A public health and policy agenda for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth who are homeless
Keuroghlian, Alex S.; Shtasel, Derri; Bassuk, Ellen;  (2014). American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. 1: 66-72.

Tags:LGBT; Mental Health; victimization ; Best Practices;

Thus, the purpose of this article is to review the causes of homelessness among LGBT youth, discuss the mental health and victimization risks faced by this population, address differences among homeless LGBT subgoups, an...
Normalizing Sexual Violence Young Women Account for Harassment and Abuse
Gender & Society. 1-23.

Tags:sexual abuse; Harassment; rape; Youth; Adolescence;

his study moves the discussion from the question of why young women do not report them toward how violence is produced, maintained, and normalized among youth (Author).
Family Matters: The Role of Mental Health Stigma and Social Support on Depressive Symptoms and Subsequent Help Seeking Among African American Boys
Lindsey, Michael A. ; Sean, Joe; Nebbitt, Von;  (2010). Journal of Black Psychology. 4: 458–482..

Tags:Help Seeking; Stigma; social support; Depression; African American adolescent boys;

African American adolescent boys underutilize mental health service due to stigma associated with depression. Gaining an increased understanding of how depressed, African American adolescent boys perceive their mental he...

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